Raw Testimony from Released Detainee

The victim has asked to remain anonymous to protect his family from NISS terrorism. However he has outlined his experience in order to expose NISS treatment to help those still detained. Please circulate widely amongst Human Rights Organizations and media. If HR Organizations and media would like to contact him for further follow-up then please DM me on twitter (Usiful_ME) and I will facilitate contact.

On Friday 22nd of June about 11:30pm I was with friends as we left a wedding in Rivera Hall in Omdurman. Me and two other friends got in one car (a Prado) and the rest of the group (two) got in another car. We were supposed to be on our way to eat at Omer Bosch on al Arbeen Street. On the way there, we were hit from behind by a car. We got out to see what had happened and decided to just get back in the car when we saw it was minor. I recognized one of the guys in the other car as Baha Al Din Mohamed Abdallah, Sudan and ex-Merrikh goalkeeper. When we got in the car we were attacked with sticks, whips and metal rods by random people in civilian clothes. We were able to get away because we were in the car. We then got to the Banat traffic light – we thought these we’re protestors. We didn’t realize but they had followed us. They blocked us at the traffic light by a “Getz” and we were attacked by about 20 of them – brutal beatings. Then after throwing me on the road, stomping and kicking they took us on the back of a Toyota pick-up truck faced down, kicking, beating and whipping. The driver of the car we had gotten into the accident with was also arrested with us.

Until this moment I never imagined that these could be law enforcement officers. They took us to a building with a garden with about 50 people arrested all facing the wall. They gave us a presidential reception beating.  I got to know where it was when we were released. It was next to Blue Nile hospital. So after being received by metal rods, wooden sticks and whips we we’re made to stand up. A guy in his late 20’s took me into the garden and put a gun to my head and said if I don’t tell him where I put my weapons (Clashinkov) that he’s going to put a bullet in my head. I was then roughed up for at least an hour and a half. They hit me on my leg really badly although I told them I had a surgery there; so they hit it more. They started saying look how fat he is; why are you protesting fatty? One took a dagger and held my stomach and said “have you ever been hungry?”, “should I pierce your belly?”. They then took my wallet and he saw an old hospital ID from Saudi where I was working before called Guwaa Al Amn (Security Forces Hospital). So he started to tell me “you work for the Saudi security forces”.  I told him I’m a doctor and am on holiday in Sudan from the UK. He said to me, the opposition is in the UK, looks like the new government is yours. After I thought they broke my leg, one of them acting like the nice guy let me sit on a chair but never stopped them from attacking me. He put me on my leg and then one flipped the chair over. I fell back on my head, when I got up one of them struck me with a wooden stick on the back of my neck. I kind of blacked out for a few seconds. I asked them for water so one brought a bottle of water over and poured it over my head. He said “you want water? Your spoiled kind spends 150 million pounds on the type of perfume you use”. He took me to an office and gave me a coffee table to put my leg on. Then everyone would come; threaten, slap, verbally abuse. Then one came over, seemed to be the officer in charge, big light skinned man. He asked me who I was and what happened. I told him. Then he asked who my family was so I told him and he said “really, that’s your grandfather, I know him from ElMerrikh”.  I thought he would let us go, but no effect. Then everyone would pretend to be an economist and say “do you know why the fiscal austerity measures were made?”. They’d talk crap for an hour and talk about Higlig and how they are the real men that were out fighting there. I just played along “really is that why they did the fiscal austerity measures? That’s excellent; I never knew the government was so wise”.

At that point I was taken for interrogation: Name, address, family members, friends, facebook ID and password. Then they took us to a prayer room, made us lie on the floor, they gave me water and after 20 minutes I started losing consciousness and vomited. They started getting worried saying to release me before I died on their hands. They said one of the guys arrested with us had his brothers waiting for us outside – “let them take him”. So they took me to them because they thought I was going to die. They took my wallet, gave me my bank cards and ID cards, and stole the leather wallet and money inside.  They tried to open my iPhone but they couldn’t so they sent it next day with my friends. The brothers took me to Royal Care Hospital who wouldn’t admit me because they said they had orders from NISS not to accept anyone. I was able to check into another hospital, only because the owner is a close family friend. I spent two days in hospital but I continue to have terrible headaches and blurring of vision so have scheduled to have an MRI. Because I’m cluster phobic I’m supposed to get sedation.


5 thoughts on “Raw Testimony from Released Detainee

  1. so he was arrested with no charges? they just took him from the street? and why him ?

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  4. […] detainees confirms the use of multiple torture methods, including electrocution.  Anonymous testimony from one ex-detainee details his abduction by plain-clothed officers “on suspicion” of […]

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