How Sudan Wasted It’s Oil

Oil exportation began in 1999 and opened up vast economic opportunities for Sudan – these were wasted. The following slides illustrate how and the terminal situation we’ve been left in. I’ve chosen to use slides rather than a long and dense article but do want feedback from #SudanRevolts

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4 thoughts on “How Sudan Wasted It’s Oil

  1. Naz O says:

    Good read and great effort . Well done.

  2. Taharka says:

    Oil comes with a promise but also a price, everywhere, not just in Sudan…

    I would say it was the pre-oil policies that set the stage for squandering the resource.

    Pre-oil the Inqaz kleptomaniacs liberalised the economy but only for the benefit of themselves.

    They practically removed government subsidies on all goods and services and concurrently devalued the currency.

    Their lack of standards attracted exploitative investors in non-productive sectors that allowed them to launder money and sustain a reasonable rate of FDI on paper…

    All of the above benefitted them first and foremost.

    There are a few success stories that can be traced to the oil:

    Copious downstream capacity (ironic that Sudan has refineries and no crude to power them whilst Nigeria exports a lot of crude but does not have adequate refining capacity)

    Oil (served as a collateral) facilitated soft loans from China and Gulf investment funds to finance the Merowe Dam and heightening of the Roseires Dam.

    However, the lack of vision, transparency, competition law, and policies that empower the citizen as a producer and the pernicious inter-State taxation regime all contributed to the economic mess Sudan finds itself in today.

    The lack of legitimacy and good governance has caused projects like the Merowe Dam (an offshoot of oil export) to not achieve the lofty objectives that were envisioned.

    Oil wealth would have been well spent in an export oriented railway freight network from Port Sudan to the hinterland, however far the State could afford.

    Instead we got ridiculous white elephant real estate projects in a capital city whose water provision and sanitation systems are at breaking point.

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